A few family days off in Rome with an expectation of blue May skies and sunshine but, in fact, getting rain, rain,more rain and a glimmer of blue sky as the taxi drew into Fiumicino airport for the return flight. That may be an exaggeration – it did show itself for a few minutes when I did the tourist trail around the Colosseum (above) but apart from a hint of blue, the cloud cover was almost 100%.

When I’m just going away with family like this and I do not expect to be allowed to wander off to spend time photographing potential stock images,  I always give thought to the equipment I take away. My Nikon D3 kit is heavy and cumbersome if I take the big zoom lenses which, with the various macro lenses, make up my basic working camera gear so I have a lightweight set of fixed focal-length lenses which will deal with most situations.

Although a smaller 4/3 camera is always a consideration for these occasions one thing which keeps the D3 as still the first choice is the excellent range of PC lenses available for the ‘proper’ camera. The above picture of the Colosseum was produced by setting the shift all the way to the left, then all the way to the right, from the same viewpoint, and stitching the images together.

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