I’m James King-Holmes and, for longer than I wish to think, I am a photographer by profession.

Although many people regard me as a scientific or medical photographer I am a photojournalist and like nothing better than to see my editorial images in print so most of my work is sourced and approached with the intention of looking for a feature story – whether it is a new scientific development or medical training, an interesting scientist or a newsworthy technology . Publishers are less willing than previously to supply cuttings and tear-sheets but when I receive any I will add them to the blog as appropriate.

However, just to make things quite clear, PLEASE NOTE, ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT AND ANY COPYING OR UNLICENSED PUBLISHING (in print or electronically) WILL BE TREATED AS THEFT and I will have no hesitation in pursuing legal means to extract suitable compensation.

What you will find in the here will be a selection of my recent images from the science, medical and healthcare fields (marketed by me under the SciTech Image brand) together with other images from my more general work, and some personal pictures. I hope you will find something interesting about the techniques or the subjects and if you wish to purchase a Licence to reproduce them either in print or electronically, just contact me for details…. James

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